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Seventy Nine / The Asylum (UK Title) to be released on DVD!

Seventy Nine (The Asylum) will be released next year on March 7th 2016. Darren composed the score for the horror feature film in 2013. The Asylum is available to pre-order on Amazon.

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Additional Music for “Operator” and “Anti-Social”

Darren recently teamed up again with composer George Kallis on two films “Operator” and “Anti-Social” which feature additional music by Darren.

Darren co-composes score for “Call Me King”

Darren has recently collaborated with film composer George Kallis co-composing the score for R.L Scott’s new action/martial arts feature “Call Me King” starring Amin Joseph (The Expendables).

“Making of Project Arbiter” now available to watch online!

Darren had a great time working with director Michael Chance and producer Vicki De Mey on the “Making of Project Arbiter” Darren composed the music for the making of featurette, which is now available to watch online.

Project Arbiter Art

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