Music for Videobolt Videos

Darren has recently started working with Videobolt's Momčilo Stojković and has been composing music for a selection of their video templates. Videobolt is a recently new company that specialise in creating videos quickly for variety of mediums. Check them out here! 

Demo for Soundiron’s new library Magnus

Darren has recently written a demo track for Soundiron's new vintage organ library 'Magnus'

Demo for Sonic Underworld’s new Omnisphere Soundset Trinitum Vol.1

Darren has just finished composing a new demo track for Sonic Underworld's new Omnisphere Soundset Trinitum Volume 1.

Omnisphere Trinitum Volume 1

Demo for Sonic Underworld’s ‘Kaleidoscope’ Dark Remix

Darren recently composed a demo track for Stephan Baer's (Sonic Underworld) new sound set release "Kaleidoscope" (Dark Remix) this is a new remix done by Matt Bowdler (The Unfinished) for ZebraHZ from the original sound set for Zebra.

Zebra Kaleidoscope: Dark Remix


Darren scoring short film “The Last Showing”

Darren is going to be composing the score for Anthony DeRouen's short film "The Last Showing"

Juice Music Library – Contemporary Soundscapes Album Release

Juice Music (EMI Production Music) have recently released "Contemporary SoundScapes" on digital music stores. The album is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify etc. Darren collaborated with composer George Kallis writing a track "Road to Atlantis" for the album.